Tuesday, January 26, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my family had a good photographer come in for a photo shoot with me, my wife, her parents, and our children Sam and Claire.

Today you can see both photos my father-in-law took and the professional photographer's favorites.

This was money well spent. :-)

For anyone in Southern California, I would highly recommend Leo Flores as a photographer.


Unknown said...

I agree -- what wonderful photos, and a beautiful family.

Neither Plum nor Java said...

Amazing family!!! And I like the Google blog post, too!

Timotei said...

That's really nice:D


Ben Tilly said...

I'm glad all of you like the photos. And yes, I do feel lucky to have the family I have.

Unknown said...

Good pictures. I'm a huge fan of family photos. Thanks for the ideas!