Saturday, March 20, 2010

Touching Women

Today I want to share two useful tidbits about touch and women that I think should be better known, but aren't because people get embarrassed to talk about this stuff.

The first is a pressure point to help menstrual cramps. Everyone knows about pinching next to the thumb to help with headaches. It doesn't take the pain away, but it dulls it and makes it more bearable. There is a spot that does about the same thing with menstrual cramps.

It is located just above your foot, between your tendon and your ankle. To get it properly you want to use a "fat pinch". You get this by folding your index finger over, putting that on one side of the ankle, and pinching with the thumb on the other. So you get a pinch spread out over the soft flesh between the bone and Achilles tendon. I've offered this advice to multiple women who suffer menstrual cramps. None have ever heard it before, but it has invariably helped.

The other is more *ahem* intimate. This would be a good time to stop reading if that bothers you.

There are various parts of your body where you have a lot of exposed nerves. A light brushing motion over them will set up a tingling/itching sensation. A good place to experience this is the palm of your hand. Gently stroke towards the wrist, then pay attention to how your hand feels. Yes, that. And thinking about it brings it back.

This happens anywhere where nerves get exposed. One place where that reliably happens is the inside of any joint. For instance the inside of your elbow. (Not as much is exposed there as the palm of the hand, but it is still exposed.)

The larger the joint, the more nerves, the more this effect exists. The largest joint, of course, is the hip. And the corresponding sensitive area is the crease between leg and crotch on each side. This works on both genders. But for various reasons is more interesting for women...

Enjoy. ;-)

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